Our Top Five Sailing Gadgets

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boat sailing as the sun setsIf you are regularly on the water, you will know that it is essential to ensure you have the correct battery maintenance and monitoring for your boat battery. At Battery Accessories, we have everything you need to keep your battery happy when out at sea and when moored in the marina or dock.  

Here, we recommend other fantastic gadgets to make your time onboard even better. Whether you enjoy exploring wherever you are anchored, like to relax to music, sunbathe or duck and dive, we have a device just for you!  


Polarized Sailing Sunglasses 

polarized sunglassesIf you are lucky enough to have sunshine when boating, you will need a pair of sunglasses with sailing in mind. You will be dealing with glare from the water, intense winds, and no shade, which means that no ordinary sunglasses will make the cut. You will need to have polarized lenses such as the Costa Polarized Pescador Sunglasses. These have seven different lens colours, ranging from a lowlight to very bright light options, so that every sunray type will be covered, and your eyes will be protected. They are also made from recycled fishing nets, so they are suitable for the environment at the same time. Win, win!  


Underwater Scooter 

underwater scooterIf you enjoy snorkelling or diving when you are on the water, you might be interested in the ‘WhiteShark;’ do not let the name put you off. The best way of describing it is that it looks like an underwater scooter featuring double propellers which can glide you through the water so you can explore under the sea with confidence and speed. It also comes with a GoPro mount so you can take amazing videos of your underwater adventures and document your deep-sea explorations. This is also great when you do not have much time to explore underwater, but you want to see as much of the underwater world as possible.  


Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle 

boy on white inflatable paddle boardPaddleboarding is a great activity when sailing. It is relaxing, and you get to explore the area, keep fit and have fun wherever you decide to anchor up. If you want something light and easy to store on the boat, we recommend the inflatable stand-up paddleboard because it is portable, easy to store and cheaper than its fibreglass counterparts.  


Full-Face Snorkel Mask 

woman underwater wearing full face maskIf you love diving, this is a highly recommended accessory for you. This is not just your average snorkelling mask; oh no, it is a full-face snorkel, meaning that you can have a 180o view under the sea. This will allow you to see more coral, sea life and anything else you may encounter underwater. Many of the full-face snorkel masks also come with a GoPro mount so that you can watch your underwater experiences back repeatedly.  


Solar-Powered Waterproof Speakers 

couple having a drink on boatWhether you want to relax on board with some music or enjoy getting into the party spirit, we have the perfect speakers for partying at sea. But we all know that electronics and water do not mix. This is where the Altec Lansing Lifejacket 3 Bluetooth Speaker comes into play. Not only is the speaker waterproof, but it is also shock and sand proof, so you can also easily take the party to the beach. It also comes with 30-hour battery life, so you know it will last, and it also floats, so if you have a particularly windy day and it falls overboard into the sea, you will not lose it. That is if you can quickly retrieve it before it goes on its own adventure!  


Have Fun at Sea Knowing your Batteries are Safe... 

So, that is the latest sailing gadgets that we recommend for all types of activities onboard and in the sea. You can focus on having fun knowing that your boat batteries are being cared for while you relax with our range of battery maintenance and monitoring products at Battery Accessories. Do you have a favourite gadget that you like to use when sailing? Let us know below!  






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