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man and woman at gym checking their phoneIf you’ve been following along, we’ve been all about the batteries. How to make them run longer, last longer and getting the most out life. But, what about our very own batteries? How can we make sure our own bodies can keep up the batteries we are looking after? We’re not cliché enough to say new year, new you (well…) but we thought we’d give take a look at some of the innovative tech products you can use to make sure you hit your peak performance.

An Interactive Fitness Mirror 

fitness mirror setupEnjoy workout sessions and classes from the comfort of your own home! There are a variety of fitness mirrors on the market now, including the VAHA and Mirror brands. They are mounted onto your wall, thin and sleek like a modern-day TV and can turn any room into an interactive, AI fitness room. They offer real-life feedback, like our iBOS and ego’s do,  to ensure that you are working out as effectively as possible and correctly following along with the onscreen exercise via built-in sensors. 

Sometimes working from home is excellent, but you don’t always know if you are doing the exercises correctly, and this way, you can see how to do an activity using the mirror. You can easily integrate your favourite apps onto the mirror, such as Spotify, Instagram and TikTok. You can also download the accompanying app and access even more world-class trainers when you are not at home, such as holidays, business trips or even office breaks; you can work out whenever you want. 


 A Hydrow Rower 

hydro rower machineMore than simply a fitness gadget, the Hydrow Rower is an innovative take on a traditional rower. It is the Peloton of rowers, if you will. Featuring a sleek, sizeable 22-inch HD screen, you can immerse yourself in your workouts and row virtually on waterways across the globe. Just choose where you would like to row that day and before you know it, you will be transported there. The machine offers access to over two thousand live and on-demand workouts with instructors leading the sessions. Not only can you row around the world, but the online classes also offer other exercises such as yoga and Pilates. It looks sleek and modern and would be a fantastic addition to your home gym. 


Tangram Skipping Rope 

woman with skipping ropeIf you are looking for an alternative to HIIT workouts or something gentler on the body than running, a skipping exercise may be right for you. But not just any skipping rope, this is the smart Tangram skipping rope which has 23 LEDs on the rope section and magnetic sensors that can track your rope jumping session, monitor calories burned, and log all your data in real-time. Using Bluetooth technology, it can be paired with smartphones and watches using the Smart Gym app. By pairing the skipping rope with your app, you can store workouts and look at essential workout stats such as how many jumps and calories burned and track any progress you make. It also features transparent handles and an adjustable rope length, making it the best-looking jump rope we have seen in a while. 


Jaxjox Kettlebell Connect 

coloured kettle bells in gymAt home weight workouts can be great, but all the kit that comes with it and the room it takes up can be a lot. To combat the cost and space needed, let us introduce you to a very nifty and clever piece of equipment, the Kettlebell Connect by Jaxjox. Although it is just one kettlebell, you can change its weight simply by inputting the weight you would like into the Bluetooth console and as if by magic (via magnetics), the kettlebell changes weight to whatever weight you desire. It only takes up the space of one kettlebell whilst performing as a whole set. 


Rechargeable Vortex Mixer 

woman walking in woods holding drinkIt may sound a little out there, but this protein shake holder combined with a USB phone charger can be a gym lifesaver. Who hasn’t been in the middle of a great gym workout when your phone suddenly runs out of battery? No music, nor workout. This handy drinks holder can be transformed into a workout lifesaver as it charges your battery and holds your water or protein shake simultaneously. Workout saved! Not only that, but if you didn’t have time to pre-make your protein shake, it features an inbuilt motor and x-blade technology which mixes your protein shake itself and gets rid of any lumps for a smooth tasting protein shake. Amazing. 


Smart Insoles 

man stretching legs on a bridgePerfect for both new and seasoned runners, these smart insoles are placed in your running shoes. They have inbuilt GPS and pressure sensors that can record the route you take when running and a whole host of stats such as step length, foot strike balance, and cadence. It can provide the necessary information so that you can run faster and further over time and minimise the chance of injury—a fantastic gadget for runners. 


Powerdot Muscle Recovery 

woman checking her phone after working outThis is a portable battery-powered performance tool to aid muscle recovery after a particularly gruelling workout session. This is achieved via an app to control the electrical stimulation to affected muscles you want to treat for faster recovery or injury. Just place the dots on your body and control the pressure used via the app, and soon enough, you will feel relaxed and refreshed, ready to take on your next workout session. 


Smart Swim Goggles 

man swimming in pool with gogglesIf spending time in the water is more your exercise vibe, we have some innovative smart fitness technology, just for you. These intelligent goggles reveal your real-time stats in your eye line of the goggles on a smart display which only you can see. It is as accurate as a sports watch and has anti fog technology such as those you get on diving masks. This means you can keep a close eye on your stats as you swim and see how fast you are swimming and how you can improve your form with these innovative smart goggles. 


So there you have it, a few different ways of looking after and recharging your own batteries with some of the very latest fitness gadgets to use at home and in the gym. If you want to try some of OUR innovative battery accessories we highly recommend the eGO!Log Battery Life Monitor, SmartBlinky Electrolyte Monitor or for battery watering, the GUN-X Battery Watering Gun for easy battery watering, all at Battery Accessories online. 









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