HydroFill Battery Watering Cart

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This sturdy 10 US gallons (37.9 litres) polypropylene tank is designed to work with float-based battery filling systems or watering guns and easily transports water to your batteries. Fill the tank from any available suitable water source. This sturdy DC powered watering cart handles like a hard truck. The 12 volt sealed battery can be changed from any AC outlet. Simply connect to the battery filling system and turn on the switch.

The mobile watering cart is supplied with 9 feet of hose (27 meters), a sealed 12 volt battery and a battery charger. 

Easy to transport to remote locations.

Easy to fill; large opening.

On/Off switch on rear of unit.

Easy to use; instructoins printed on the unit. 

The water supply is also compatible for use with the Watering Gun.

Additional adaptors may be required.

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