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Group of freinds playing golfWe offer a range of battery accessories for your golf buggy batteries so that you know exactly when they need watering or charging. We also know that is coming up to that magical time of the year again, and we have some great gift ideas for golf lovers, with innovative tech and gadgets that will help any golf lovers game in 2022. From smart, wearable technology to virtual golf games at home, there is something for all golfer’s, beginners and seasoned.


1. Plastic measure golf tees 


The THF Plastic Measure Golf Tees are marketed as ‘almost unbreakable’ and are a sturdy alternative that can be used on any golf course, in any climate. Each model comes with a measuring guide, and the high-quality rubber used will protect your golf balls with every shot you make. Their sturdiness means that they are highly protective, hardwearing, and worth having, especially if you are a newer player, as they are also larger than your average tees.


2. Indoor golf putter set

This is the perfect gift for pros and newbies alike for essential golf practice indoors when you can’t get out on the course. This is all-in-one golf set with a putter, hole, ball and a handy carry case. Great golf practice in bad weather to get in extra practise at home or in the office.


3. Golf Club Groove Sharpener

Blunt golf clubs doesn’t always mean you have to buy new ones. With this handy little grove sharpener, you can sharpen up any of your older golf clubs, so they are as good as new. It is pen-size, so easy to keep in your pocket or bag and use whenever you need to sharpen up your clubs. A great little stocking filler.


4. The Sport-Brella

This versatile gadget offers both sun and rain protection when on the golf course in all climates. It is not any old umbrella, though; it features a 360-degree hinge that lets the umbrella spin around entirely whilst maintaining an angle to keep the sun or rain out of your eyes. It also offers UPF 50+ protection, is lightweight (2 pounds) and easy to carry around, as it folds up and can be transported in your golf bag. Perfect for UK golfers and those who travel across the globe in both warm and cold climates.


5. Golf ball retriever

A perfect gift for new players who must constantly retrieve their errant shots. Many come with a six- or fifteen-foot option, so it can cover a long distance and help you quickly and easily retrieve your golf balls as you navigate the golf course. Made from high-quality aluminium, they are compact enough to be carried in your golf bag.


6. GPS Rangefinder

There are many GPS Rangefinder’s to choose from, and they come preloaded with thousands of courses, simple interfaces and can easily be stored in your golf bag. For those golfers who like to know the precise distance readings for every swing, this offers an excellent data service that helps you become a better golfer.


7. Garage organiser rack

Often, golfing equipment can be stored in sheds, garages or even in the car boot. A golf organiser rack is a great alternative that can live in your shed or garage, and it holds up to two golf bags, and you can store accessories such as golf shoes and clothing on the side shelves easily. This keeps everything stored in one place and keeps everything looking neat and tidy.


8. Caddie Smart Sensors with GPS rangefinder

If you want to improve your swing, there are a variety of smart sensors for your caddie which offer a low-cost method of measuring your statistics using a smartphone or tablet app. You place the sensors on the end of the grips, and they don’t cause any interference when you are playing. The Arccos Caddie fuels the GPS range finder, adjusting to any weather, such as wind and temperature.


9. GPS Golf Watch

There is a wide choice of golf watches on the market and may feature colour touchscreen, pin selection, auto shot, hole overview and a digital scorecard. You can choose any position on the hole you are playing up or the entire course depending on the watch you choose. Some feature a compass and slope and swing tempo.


10. Golf Simulator

There are various golf simulators on the market to choose from, including the Phigolf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Simulator, which works with a tablet or TV. Once you have downloaded the app, there are eight free courses available so that you can play your own game of virtual golf. It comes with a club-style golf stick that offers a real-life simulated day on the links from the comfort of your home. It can register your speed and the golf club path with realistic results you can follow on the app. This is great for beginners or the whole family to enjoy a game of golf as a form of entertainment.

There you have it, our favourite golf tech (besides our own!) for all the golf lovers out there. Have you tried any of the golf gadgets we have mentioned? Let us know how you liked them or if you have a favourite gadget that we haven't mentioned!








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