How to stop lead acid batteries from dying early?

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Knowing when to fill lead-acid batteries with water can be a big issue when it comes to battery maintenance. Without indication, operators often have to carry out periodic inspections by eye to make sure the batteries aren't running dry. Not only is this time consuming and dangerous for operators, it's often overlooked and a battery without water will sulfate and prematurely fail. Batteries that are overwatered are no better either as this can often lead to wasted time, boil over and acid spills, all of which incur significant costs to fix.

Philadelphia Scientific's Blinky range of electrolyte indicators is vital in stopping unnecessary overwatering of batteries, as well as preventing batteries from drying out. With a range of different models to suit every budget and application, there is a Blinky available for every battery type. There are four products within the Blinky range: the BasicBlinky, the SmartBlinky, the SmartBlinky Remote, and the SmartBlinky PRO.

The BasicBlinky is the entry-level electrolyte indicator. It is simple but effective, with a super bright LED that blinks green when the electrolyte is OK and goes out when the level is low, giving a quick and clear indication that maintenance is required.

Our mid-range electrolyte indicator, the SmartBlinky, features an additional red LED light that indicates when the battery needs watering. The Smart Blinky also features patented SmartDELAY technology, which waits until the water level is low for 24 hours until the LED turns red. This eliminates false indication, making sure you don’t waste time filling batteries unnecessarily, preventing boil-over and stopping acid spills.

The SmartBlinky Remote features both SmartDELAY technology, red and green LED’s and is ideal for batteries that do not leave the truck or for batteries that are charged on multi-level racks. This is because the robust LED housing can be edge-mounted for high visibility making it easier for operators to see.

With the addition of an audible alarm, the SmartBlinky PRO is the gold standard for electrolyte indicators. It features a SmartBEEP audible alarm which is perfect if the battery is concealed, such as those found in park and charge applications, as you will still know it needs water. The frequency of the beep indicates how many days the electrolyte has been low and the highly audible alarm alerts everyone from operators to battery room managers that maintenance is required. The Blinky range has revolutionized the checking of electrolyte in lead-acid batteries. The industry’s leading line of electrolyte indicators lets you know exactly when a battery needs water, saving asset owners and operators time and money for over 25 years. If you want a little bit more and would like to have that same level of protection whilst recording a whole range of performance data to maximise the battery life, a look at our eGO! range.

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