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One of the biggest causes of premature battery failure is the battery not getting watered. More often than not, a water supply isn’t in an easy to reach position, which is an expensive or impractical problem to solve, meaning that operators have to go out of their way to water the batteries. What’s more of an issue is when they do eventually top them up, they will often use the easiest to access water supply. Unfiltered water can cause a lot of issues; increase self-discharge, shortened run time, and reduced battery life. The water used to fill your batteries should always be free from impurities as they directly affect the cell voltages, and the impurities can’t be removed by using traditional filters.

The HydroFill Pro solves both of these problems at once. Water when you need it, where you need. What happens when you combine progressive, innovative, and high-tech problem-solving mentality use it to find the best way to create pure water quickly where you need it most. The result? The HydroFill Pro is one of the most forward-thinking, stable, and reliable products released over the past ten years.

The HydroFill Pro is a breakthrough product that's unrivaled in the marketplace. It’s an easy to use, sturdy, compact battery watering cart at its core but with the addition of an integrated deionizer, having a 60-liter capacity and a real-time feedback display makes the HydroFill Pro a genuinely revolutionary product.

With a huge capacity and an integrated deionizer cartridge, the very same cartridge used in our industry standard HydroPure Deionizer range, it doesn’t matter where the water supply is anymore. The large tactile LCD screen gives you real-time feedback on the purity of the water that is going into your batteries and will let you know when that purity is low, so you can quickly change the cartridge and carry on with your maintenance routine. There are also almost too many additional benefits that come along with it: Easy to maneuver, 3-meter hose, sealed rechargeable battery, multi-language support and hard-wearing design to name but a few.

There are several improvements over the original HydroFill cart such as moving the heavy components in front of the axel, making that the cart a lot more stable when it’s empty. The handle has been redesigned to be more like the shape of your hand, making it easier to pull behind you. If the battery is charged the pump runs for 10 minutes giving you more than enough time to top up your batteries and if the tank runs dry, the pump automatically stops with the smart display telling you why.

The HydroFill Pro gives you pure water for your lead acid batteries each and every time you need to top them up, no matter where they are.

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